New Jersey Law News-2007

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Criminal Law- Miranda, State v. Michael A. O'Neill, 12/20/2007 (NJ SC)

As a matter of state law, when Miranda warnings are given after a custodial interrogation has already produced incriminating statements, the admissibility of post-warning statements will turn on whether the warnings functioned effectively in providing the defendant the ability to exercise his state law privilege against self-incrimination.

Criminal Law- Right to be Present at Trial , State v. Daniel Luna, 12/19/2007 (NJ SC)

It is not possible to infer that defendant knowingly waived his right to be present at trial because the trial court did not conduct an inquiry to determine whether defendant willingly absented himself. For that reason, the NJ Supree Court reversed the defendant's convictions.

Criminal Law- Kidnapping, State v. Stacey Froland-Kindt, 12/12/2007 (NJ SC)

A person who acts with the permission of a parent is not guilty of non-consent kidnapping unless the person uses force, threat or deception.

March 25 , 2007
The former employer and lover of a woman accused of killing her husband, cutting him into pieces and stuffing his remains into luggage told jurors he had nothing to do with the killing. Bradley Miller, an infertility doctor, said he and Melanie McGuire, a nurse in his office, had planned to leave their spouses and start a new life together.

March 25 , 2007
Lawmakers who want to curb multitasking on state roads are targeting those who "DWT" (drive while texting). Two assemblymen have sponsored legislation that would fine drivers $250 for using mobile devices to send text messages.

March 21 , 2007
With continued record levels of cargo passing through its seaports in two states, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced it will invest $2 billion in port improvements over the next decade. Cargo volumes in 2006 rose nearly 8%, while the dollar value of all cargo moving through the port increased by 13% to more than $149 billion.

March 20 , 2007
Most state motorists surveyed oppose either selling or leasing the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway to a private operator. The AAA Clubs of New Jersey poll found 56% of motorists oppose putting the toll roads into private hands to pay off state debt. Gov. Corzine is considering the plan as his administration looks for money to both pay the debt and to fund education and tax relief.

March 12 , 2007
Video cameras will soon be installed at 20 bridges that span the Delaware River. The $26 million program is part of an effort to beef up security, watch drivers and monitor river currents on the flood-prone waterway, the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission said. Installation of surveillance equipment could start this summer.

March 1 , 2007
Despite a fairly mild winter, the state Transportation Department wants more money to clear8roads of snow and ice. The DOT is asking for an additional $10 million to its initial allocation of $11.8 million. Road crews have had 21 snow-related events this season.



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